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I’m following Gary Vaynerchuk for some years now on social.  So it’s naturally for me to wanting to invest in his NFT project.  I’m aware of VeeFriends (the OG) since the pre-launch day, and beating my self up for not entering the NFT world soon enough.  VeeFriends (Series 1) has risen in prices to a level I can’t reach with my budget.

Well, not anymore.

VeeFriends Series 2 (VF2) is my opportunity to finally get into the VeeFriends community, and I did finally pulled the trigger.  I purchased the VeeFriends Series 2 NFT from OpenSea before reveal (for almost 1 ETH), then enter the raffle (0.335 ETH + gas.)

What a lucky day, I got the raffle and end up minting one!

However, due to other non-NFT needs that require some amount of money, I painfully decided to paperhand on both.  A day later, I managed to secure enough funds to get a VF2 from Opensea.  I was about to wait until the reveal and buy the dip.  However, I decided to FOMO in to a – highly probably – my forever NFT.

Modest Moose #48585 - VeeFriends Series 2

A purchase I truly want.  An NFT I truly want to keep for a loooooong time (I actually have another one in this category – a different post on this later!)

So – going back to the title of this post; the exact reason why VF2 is already one of my best NFT purchases is the fact that I finally get an NFT I fully believe in from the leader, the team to the art itself. – even regardless of VF2’s utility, which I’m sure it will also be great.

To me, VF2 is more than just yet-another-NFT-investment.  It represents my aspiration as a person, and a community I actually want to be a part of.

So what’s the future? Well, my “roadmap” for VF2 is to get another one.  So, I need to shuffle some assets to get this, and probably selling an asset or two from another group of assets I have, sports cards. Update: I sold it due to unexpected financial situation. So sad ????

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