While the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market are enormous, the sheer number of tokens available makes it challenging to identify the high-quality ones. Among the various tools I’ve tried, Moralis Money stands out as the best for my needs in choosing the tokens to invest/trade.

Here’s why.

Moralis Money review

Moralis Money: What is it?

Moralis Money, a cryptocurrency platform developed by Ivan Liljeqvist, is designed to assist traders in identifying undervalued coins before they gain traction on popular platforms like CoinGecko and X. The website offers customizable filters and an intuitive interface, which help users pinpoint promising investments and conduct thorough research before making decisions.

Token Explorer screenshot

Screenshot: Token Explorer tool

The tool becomes particularly useful during bull markets when altcoins can see staggering gains ranging from 50x to even 1000x, often within short timeframes. For those aiming for rapid wealth growth, focusing on altcoins and strategically timing market entry during the altcoin season can lead to substantial profit opportunities.
You can access the tool for free. You can search and view detailed information about various cryptocurrencies. However, it does not include a feature for early detection of promising cryptocurrencies.

If you want to identify new tokens and access alerts and more comprehensive market analysis, you should opt for the premium plan, which starts from $97/month (Pro Plan) to $2,497/month (Enterprise Plan). What’s interesting is the fact that prices will continue to rise as Bitcoin price rises. However, if you subscribe to any of the premium plans right now, the prices are locked at the current level.

Moralis Money is not just resting on its laurels; it’s continuously evolving with new and innovative features. One of the most exciting recent additions is the “crypto bubble” feature on the homepage – free to access. This tool represents crypto tokens in a visually engaging bubble format, offering an intuitive understanding of market dynamics at a glance. Green bubbles signify rising prices, while red bubbles indicate declining prices. Additionally, the size of each bubble correlates with the significance of the price change. This feature provides a quick, visually impactful way to grasp the current trends in the cryptocurrency market, making it easier for traders to make informed decisions.

Crypto bubbles on Moralis Money website

Screenshot: Crypto bubbles, similar to Banter Bubbles.  The market doesn’t look too good, by the way…

My Experience in Using Moralis Money

As a user, I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool in my cryptocurrency trading journey. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features like Token Explorer and Token Alerts have significantly enhanced my ability to discover and monitor promising altcoins before they become mainstream.

For example, I jumped into ROLLBIT before it broke out – thanks to Moralis Money (note: I’ve closed my position, by the way – exiting too early; my bad.)

One of the most impressive aspects of Moralis Money is how it reduces uncertainties in trading. The platform offers various metrics such as Security Score, Dextool Score, Buy Pressure, and insights into Experienced Buyers, which have been pivotal in my decision-making process. These metrics provide a more comprehensive understanding of each coin’s potential and risks, allowing for more informed trading decisions.

Despite the lack of a mobile app, which can sometimes be inconvenient, Moralis Money’s strengths far outweigh its limitations. It’s important for anyone considering this platform to remember that while it provides valuable tools and data, the ultimate responsibility for trading decisions and risk management lies with the user.

GROK page screenshot on Moralis Money

Screenshot: GROK token info page.  According to the metrics, it’s quite trending right now. NFA/DYOR

All in all, my personal experience with researching and trading several up-and-coming tokens through Moralis Money has mostly yielded realized profits, although a few trades have failed, unfortunately. This highlights an important aspect: while Moralis Money is an incredibly helpful tool, it doesn’t eliminate the inherent risks of cryptocurrency trading.

Obviously, success in this field still relies heavily on individual skills, experience, and intuition. Moralis Money isn’t a magic wand that will magically 10X or 100X your investments. No matter how good the tools are, it’s still on you.

To Conclude…

Moralis Money, with its comprehensive tools and user-friendly interface, is a valuable asset for both experienced and novice traders in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. However, users must remember that despite the valuable insights and data provided, risk management and trading decisions ultimately lie in their hands.

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