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The cryptocurrency market has seen an explosive growth of memecoins, tokens that often start as internet jokes but can balloon into major financial phenomena. As barriers to creating new digital currencies lower, practically anyone with basic blockchain knowledge can launch a memecoin.

This democratization of digital currency creation sparks a critical debate: Is the ease of launching memecoins beneficial or harmful to the crypto ecosystem?

Memecoin proliferation.

The Rise of Memecoins

Memecoins, such as Dogecoin, have dramatically reshaped the landscape of the cryptocurrency market, transitioning from niche internet jokes to major economic forces. Originally started as a playful alternative to the more stoic and serious cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin was inspired by the popular ‘Doge’ meme and quickly captured the public’s imagination with its lighthearted approach and philanthropic endeavors, such as funding clean water projects and the Jamaican bobsled team.

The market has seen a proliferation of memecoins following Dogecoin’s success, each trying to capitalize on this blend of humor and speculative potential. For instance, the introduction of Shiba Inu and other similar tokens has shown that community engagement and clever marketing can quickly elevate a new coin’s status within the market. This trend highlights a shift in how value is perceived in the crypto space, with community-driven narratives and cultural alignment playing increasingly significant roles​.

How Many Memecoins are There Right Now?

So, how many memecoins are there right now? How many of those created on daily basis? Well, it’s hard to pin down some numbers, but CoinGecko released an interesting report on this.

Check this out: During memecoin peaks, there’s been a significant surge in new token launches, highlighted by record-breaking months. In May 2023, a memecoin boom resulted in 104,118 new tokens, a figure eclipsed in March 2024 with 195,735 new launches due to a renewed interest in memecoins. This trend is supported by easy-to-use platforms like, making token creation more accessible and increasing onchain trading affordability.

Additionally, consistent high launch rates in early 2024, with 134,647 and 195,735 new tokens in January and February respectively, indicate a general uptick in onchain speculative activities, not just limited to memecoin popularity spikes.

Please note that the above numbers include the dead or inactive coins – which I believe would account for a large portion of the total figures.

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Advantages of Memecoin Proliferation

The proliferation of memecoins brings a unique set of advantages that can catalyze significant growth and innovation within the cryptocurrency market. These benefits not only enhance the vibrancy and diversity of the crypto ecosystem but also encourage technological experimentation and broader public engagement.

Accelerated Innovation and Community Engagement

The low barrier to entry for creating memecoins can be seen as a catalyst for innovation and creativity in the cryptocurrency space. New concepts and financial models are often tested first with memecoins, providing valuable data on what might work on a larger scale. Additionally, memecoins can engage broad audiences, introducing more people to the concepts of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Natural Selection in the Crypto Market

With the sheer number of memecoins flooding the market, there’s an ongoing process of natural selection. Most memecoins may fade into obscurity, but this Darwinian environment could theoretically lead to the emergence of surprisingly robust and innovative coins. These survivors might bring new functionalities and utilities that could be adopted by more mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Enhanced Market Liquidity

The influx of memecoins can contribute to increased liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. As these coins attract a diverse array of investors and speculators, they often facilitate higher transaction volumes. This enhanced liquidity can make the market more attractive and accessible to newcomers, potentially lowering the volatility of larger, more established cryptocurrencies by distributing trading activity across a broader range of assets.

Disadvantages of Memecoin Proliferation

The rapid increase in memecoins is not without its challenges and potential drawbacks. These disadvantages can undermine the stability and credibility of the crypto market, complicating investment decisions and increasing the risk of regulatory interventions.

Market Saturation and Confusion

The crypto market becomes increasingly cluttered as more memecoins are launched. This saturation can overwhelm new investors and dilute the value of more established and technically sound cryptocurrencies. The proliferation of memecoins can create confusion and difficulty in distinguishing legitimate projects from mere speculative ventures.

Increased Risk of Scams and Financial Loss

The simplicity of creating a memecoin also means it’s easy to orchestrate scams. The crypto market has witnessed numerous ‘rug pulls,’ where developers abandon a project after accumulating significant investment, leaving investors with worthless tokens. This risk tarnishes the reputation of the cryptocurrency market as a whole, potentially deterring serious investment and innovation.

Regulatory Backlash

The proliferation of memecoins, particularly those associated with scams or failed projects, could provoke a stringent regulatory response. Governments and regulatory bodies concerned about investor protection might impose severe restrictions on cryptocurrency trading and creation. Such measures could stifle innovation and limit the growth of the entire cryptocurrency market, potentially setting back the adoption of legitimate digital currencies and blockchain technologies.

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Conclusion: A Balanced Perspective

While the rise of memecoins presents clear risks, including market saturation and potential scams, it also fosters a dynamic environment ripe for innovation and community involvement. The crypto market benefits from a process akin to natural selection, where numerous projects compete, evolve, and only the strongest survive, potentially leading to groundbreaking new platforms and technologies.

In a more speculative light, the frequent launching of memecoins could indeed speed up the discovery of ‘golden’ projects, as investors learn to navigate this chaotic new terrain. This low barrier to entry may not only democratize the creation of cryptocurrency but also accelerate the maturation of the market by highlighting which features are most valued by users.

In essence, the proliferation of memecoins is a double-edged sword, cutting through the traditional barriers to entry in financial innovation while exposing the market to new risks. A diplomatic yet optimistic view suggests that, amidst the chaos, there lies a potential for significant, albeit unexpected, advancements in the crypto landscape.

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